Friday, July 07, 2006

Yankee Notes: July 7th, 2006

A couple of tidbits from SI's Jon Heyman. In his latest article, "Break Up the Phillies", Heyman talks about the Yankees a number of times. The article should probably be called, "Shake up the Yankees" given its trade deadline and free agent speculations. I'll cut and paste a few items and comment on each.

• When his name was first floated on the trading block early last winter, Abreu told people he was hoping to go to either the Mets or the pre-fire-sale Marlins. But now Yankees officials think he'd accept a trade to the Bombers. Abreu loves New York and owns a condo in the same midtown Manhattan building where Johnny Damon lives. "I don't think he'd mind [going to the Yankees],'' Wagner said. "Bobby Abreu's a good guy, but he's not a vocal leader. The one thing you have to know here [in New York] is, you have to come every day. He's got a real laid-back attitude.''

If the Yankees sign him, it means an end to Gary Sheffield in the Bronx. How fast will he hurry back from the DL if Abreu is sitting in right field every night. Try quicksand fast. Not that it matters. Abreu sports a career .302/.413/.509/.922 line, is left handed, and is 5 years younger than Sheff. For the record, Sheffield's career line is .298/.398/.525/.924, so you're basically replacing fire with younger fire if the Yanks pull the trigger. I see only two real problems with a move like this. One, if we have to give up Wang, Cano, or Hughes it's a bad deal. Two, it makes our lineup SUPER left handed, especially when Matui returns.

• Several teams, including the Yankees, are scouting Yomiuri Giants power hitter Seung-Yeop Lee, the biggest slugging star from the World Baseball Classic, who leads the Central League with 26 home runs and a .646 slugging percentage. Lee's a free agent at year's end. According to one scout, "He's good but not quite as good as [Hideki] Matsui.''

I've written about the Lion King a number of times at COH. He's a very good player and should be in the Major Leagues. If the Yankees were to go out and acquire him in the off season, it would spell an end to both Andy Phillips days in pinstripes and Giambi's days as a first baseman. One of those is good and the other is not so good. You decide which I'm talking about. Check the links in this section for my past pieces on Lee, but I'll tell you that he's on his way to an MVP award hitting cleanup for the Yomiuri Giants and spent the offseason shredding WBC pitching to the tune of 5 home runs in 7 games. Keep an eye out for news on this one. I think the Angels, Mariners, and Dodgers are the likely destinations for him, but the Yankees would be an intriguing situation.

• While Yankees manager Joe Torre said the other day he'd prefer obtaining an outfielder rather than a pitcher, GM Brian Cashman -- who, believe it or not, actually appears to still be calling all the shots -- puts pitching first. One big reason is the decreased production from Shawn Chacon and Aaron Small. The pair is a combined 4-7 with a 7.30 ERA this year, compared to 17-3 with a 3.02 ERA last season.

The recent debates both here and at Bronx Banter about acquiring a bat or an arm seem to be simultaneously occurring between the clubhouse and front office. Let's see what happens...

• Yankees fans may find fault with Alex Rodriguez, but A-Rod's popularity is strong enough to get him onto a Wheaties box. The deal will be announced next week at the All-Star Game in Pittsburgh.

Boooooooooooooooooo.......Wheaties only give you nutrition in the morning when you're sitting around reading the paper. Wheaties never gives me what I need when it really counts....when I'm in a long meeting at 4:30 in the afternoon, and it's almost quitting time. I have no energy. The coffee I drank has long since worn off, and I need to deliver a presentation to the boss. Where is Wheaties then. Such an "unclutch" breakfast food.

(Sorry about the terrifying picture of Mary Lou Retton. It's so horrible, yet I....can't.....seem to......look.................away)

See you tomorrow. Go Yanks.


Jamie said...

Hey Mike,
I know this has nothing to do with your post but since i don't have a membership/invite to comment on Deadspin i felt i would get your opinion on what i have to say concerning Eric Gagne.

Why has no one come out and suspected Gagne for using steroids? I mean the guy tearrrss up the Major Leagues, sets the consective saves streak, and then has two major injuries and maybe will need back surgery this season.
Isn't it ironic that he is from the Bay Area, was a no name pitcher before his success, and he is suffering from the same injuries that Bonds has? (Elbow, Knee)

Mike Plugh said...

I have a thought on it.

Oddly enough, I have Eric Gagne on my fantasy baseball team. I dropped him yesterday after holding him on my DL for quite a while. I don't need him, but I thought I could stash him for later benefit.

When the latest injury came to light, I started thinking steroids. I don't like the idea of a witch hunt where we suspect every single guy that underperforms or has a bunch of injuries, but somehow I thought of Gagne and steroids in the same breath.

A roundish hulk of a Californian player, who like other relievers who have admitted to using produced day after day after day. The main benefit of juicing is quick recovery which as it turns out is the fountain of youth for relief pitchers more than anything.

I won't say that I suspect him, but there is certainly something fishy.

Thanks for the post. It was on my mind too.

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