Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Bat, an Arm, and a Rocking Chair

We've had some debate between COH and Bronx Banter about whether the Yankees need a bat or an arm most. My good buddy, singledd, wants the bat and I want an arm. Actually, we both want to make the team better whatever happens and somethin's a brewin' with the Phillies.

In my fantasy scenario, we'd give up some 2nd tier minor leaguers for Abreu and Lieber, taking on the rest of the money on their contracts, and both wishes would come true.....What do you think? We'll know soon enough.....

In the meantime, there's very little to say about the Intensive Care Unit's outing today. He sucked. Chacon continues to suck. The rest of the pen sucked too. Stop booing ARod as if the Yankees scoring 6 runs and losing by 13 is somehow his fault. Idiots. We'll come back and get them tomorrow. Don't sweat it. We're about to overtake Boston. Give it a few days.

See you tomorrow. Go Yanks.