Monday, July 03, 2006

Jesus Montero

FYI....The Yankees signed super-hyped Venezuelan catcher Jesus Montero (16) on the first day of eligibility for international free agent signings. Players who will turn 17 by September 2006 are available to Major League ballclubs, and it's these moments that can often swing the future of an organization. Scouting and signing the right players via international free agency is key.

Montero is reported to be powerful and has talent beyond his years. It is speculated that he will eventually be moved from catcher to 1st. One of the bright spots about the Montero signing, beyond the immense talent, is that the Mets and Red Sox were after him as well. Sox fans will be disappointed after coveting him since he appeared in Spring Training at their camp. That's the Yankees advantage. We can throw a $2 million signing bonus at a 16 year-old kid that people BELIEVE is going to be a future star. If I had a dollar for all those guys out there, I'd have....well.....probably something like $2 million. Let's hope he's the next coming of Albert Pujols.

Tony Pena's son, Francisco, is also a highly touted catching prospect and has drawn interest from the Braves and Yankees.