Saturday, August 25, 2007

Red Sox 2, Mariners 1, Yankees 0

I just woke up at 3:00am to see the final innings of the Detroit opener. Sean Henn vomited up the game and we are now dropping slowly out of the race. Seattle is still catchable with a tough schedule and 3 games at the Stadium, but the Yankees are finding ways to lose again and we are in a troubling and precarious position right now. We lost the opener to the Angels after a grueling marathon and now we've duplicated that feat against the Tigers. Talk about demoralizing for fans and players alike.

I'm not sure what's going to make me feel optimistic when I wake up later. I'll figure it out, but the team is certainly making it hard. Clemens may finally have run out of whatever it was that was propelling him into his 50's as an ace. I think it was radioactive NL Central rocks or something.



ChrisV82 said...

I felt more optimistic when we were 11 games back than where we are now, and that's because back then we had plenty of time to work with. Now, it seems the Yankees go on streaks, winning five, dropping three, and it feels like they keep stalling their own progress. Combine that with the unrelenting surge of the Mariners and Sox, and it's not all sunshine in the future.

While earlier in the week I would have said we could snag the division, now I'm back to just focusing on the wild card. Seattle has to hit a snag at some point. My biggest concern is that they've played two less games than us, so you can almost look at it like we're four games back.

Long story short, the Yankees need to keep winning because no one is going to do them any favors.

Jim said...

C'mon now, Mike. Don't start sounding like one of those whinging RedSux fans. Here it is just five days later, and: Seattle is caught and about to be passed; the Sux just threw their two best pitchers at NY and got whipped, now they have to come back with old Ketchup Sock who's gonna get reamed; Damon is back to his old self at the plate; the captain's about to break out of his mini-slump; and the Sux are missing their best hitter and the only thing that really makes Ortiz dangerous...

OK, there're no `locks' in baseball but I'd say the smart money already has the Yanks into the playoffs as the Wild Card, and with a 50-50 chance (at worst) of winning the division. No brag, just fact.

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