Friday, August 10, 2007


From the newswire:
"The Padres claimed Igawa off waivers on Friday and have two business days to work out a trade with the Yankees, according to"

Cash Money has a chance to correct a mistake here. Get it done. San Diego GM Kevin Towers is a good buddy of Cashman. Take anything you can get Cash. Just get it done. The Pads have the 29th ranked farm system out of 30 according to the 2007 pre-season list at Baseball America. Dig into the system to grab a young player of some kind. Nothing great. Just a warm body.


RollingWave said...

Well, last year's unreal comback against Texas was quiet memorable too, with Jorge Posada hitting a walk off grand slam off a pretty good closer in Otsuka comming back 10+ runs down is a impressive feat

And look, just about everyone except Johnny Damon has came back hitting like their true ability, Mike, what you want to say about Melky and Cano again? ;)

Cano is on a HOF pace so far, ridiculas as it sounds, but he's start of a career completely oblliarate that of Craig Biggio and Jeff Kent's and consider that Chase Utley was older than Cano is now when he made his first major league game... WOW, his season so far give a ton of hope, as he vastly improved his weakness and showed remarkable improvement later in the season, oh and he's hottest month in both 05 and 06 was September, so he could yet out do his "flukey" 06 .

Last time you were really down on Melky, but lets see, he's at 113 OPS+ , well above that of a average MLB CF.. at age 22, and also above average CF defense. it's getting hard to sustain the "4th OF" label these days.

Pete said...

What on God's green earth did that post have to do with Igawa?

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