Friday, August 10, 2007

My Favorite Game Ever

I have to say, I've had the pleasure of watching great Yankee games since the late 1970's when I was a little boy. There are a few games that stand out to me over those years and while I don't really think I can pin down one single favorite, there is a pantheon of games that I swear by as my all time classics. If I ran a YES Network, I'd go with a certain few "Yankee Classics" in my personal rotation.

This game now joins that pantheon. Hughes throws a lot of pitches against a tough, patient lineup and comes out with 6 innings of outstanding work. Joba Chamberlain, in his 2nd ever MLB appearance, strikes out 4 of the 6 Indians he faces on the way to the best 2 innings relief appearance the Yankees have had in years by anyone not named Mariano. How does one put this in perspective?

Hughes is 20. Chamberlain was at A ball to start this season. Brian Cashman and Damon Oppenheimer should crack a few bottles of champagne tonight. Imagine a repeat of this in the post-season. It will happen.

See you tomorrow. Go Yanks!!!

UPDATE: M's Lose. Sox Lose. Yanks tied for Wild Card and only 5 games back in the AL East. As Sinistar says, "Run Cowards!!!"