Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santana to Boston....maybe

More stupid Johan talk. Apparently, the Globe is reporting that the Red Sox will score Santana if the Yankees don't include Ian Kennedy in their deal, and soon. I laugh.

If Minnesota wants to take the Red Sox flotsam for Santana, congratulations. More power to you in Fenway. I think the Sox have finally crossed over into Steinbrenner territory and while there's no guarantee that the highest payroll in the sport is going to win you the Series, they are adopting our former ways. Great. They are the same as us. Makes for a more interesting rivalry.

I think it would be great to have Santana, but giving up more than we've offered is beyond insane. You don't need the best pitcher in the sport to win it all, as much as it helps. Having 3 top quality starters at bargain basement prices is more valuable to me and is more conducive to dynasty building, where Santana would be a win now deal.

Here's hoping that he's a Red Sox and that we beat his ass repeatedly.


OldYanksFan said...

Take a look at RLYW for some projections of what Santana might do for the Yanks and the Sox.

Bottom line: Not that much.
Not as much as M.Cabrera might have done or what another impact bat at 1st base might do.

7/$150 is EXPENSIVE, but as a FA, Santana is worth doing. But to lose Phil, Melky and another kid? NO WAY!!


RollingWave said...

I think the best strategy for the Yanks is to play this game long enough that..

1. Santana and/or the Twins give up and he plays 08 in Minni (best case)

2. they drop the price on him signifincantly (good case)

3. Boston giddy up a even bigger package for him (good case too)

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