Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wanted: Al Reyes Head

So the Yankees win perhaps the ugliest and most painful game I've ever witnessed. The bad pitching spread from the Bronx all the way to Tampa apparently as Al Reyes blew a save that would have put the Yankees back within a game of the Red Sox. That's not an isolated incident either. Look at his last two appearances versus Boston:

September 12th
.1 IP
1 hit (HR)
1 walk
2 ER

September 22nd
1 IP
4 hits (2 doubles, 2 HRs)
1 BB (intentional: Ortiz)
3 ER

Consider that those two D-Rays wins would have helped the Yankees by putting us in a tie in the loss column with the Red Sox and we should be sending a few "toughs" from Legends Field to Tropicana to make Reyes and offer he can't refuse.