Monday, July 23, 2007

Joba and Kennedy Up

Clippard and White down. The big boys of the Yankees farm system are on their way to AAA. This is significant if only that it sends a message that the drafting of high profile college talent allows the team to be aggressive in promoting talent to the higher levels on the fast track to the Bronx. That's always good.

Both Joba and Kennedy dominated A and AA from the start and are ready for the challenge of AAA. My understanding of AAA promotions, however, is that they are really a final tune up for a spot with the Major League club. Only veteran free agents with little MLB hope play at AAA alongside talented prospects with a bead on the Majors in the near future. Erubiel Durazo is a typical AAA player, as are a lot of guys in their late-20s that just can't find a place to stick. Aaron Guiel comes to mind.

I suspect that the September call-ups will feature both of those guys, either in the pen or as spot starters. The rotation of Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Clemens, and Hughes is currently backed up by Kei Igawa and a host of guys that haven't really panned out. The two stars moving up are surely the best options available, especially if we need some lights out stoppers out of the pen. Think about Hughes pitching into the 6th and then being relieved by Joba throwing 96-97 for a couple of innings. Sounds good to me.