Thursday, February 22, 2007

Schilling to the Bronx?

I don't get it. The revelation that Curt Schilling is going to go free agent after 2007 has people jumping at the idea that he may pull a Johnny Damon and head to the Bronx. It's been out there off and on lately with this announcement on the horizon.

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I'm sure I've read this speculation a few other places recently, and even with Schilling's comments that he wouldn't head to New York, people have it in the back of their minds that when push comes to shove that the Yankees would love to stick it to the Sox by taking their "ace" and placing him deep in their rotation for 2008. I don't see it. Eveyone who talks about this issue is talking about it from Schilling's perspective and wondering aloud if he'd make the move. I think the route to the Bronx rests firmly in Brian Cashman's office, and were I to wager on the prospects of Mr. Bloody Sock being a member of the Bombers at any point in the future, I'd look at the odds somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 billion eternities:1 that he'd be elsewhere.

Why on Earth would the Yankees even want Curt Schilling. I'm honestly not trying to denigrate the man because I dislike him (I do). I just don't know how signing Curt Schilling at 41 years old, with a weight problem, and a recent history of late season shakiness, to a contract of $13 million would fit. That's what he said he'd settle for, but I have to think that's a dumb investment for the Yankees. Someone like the Dodgers would pay him that money. Someone like the Rangers might even take a flyer on Schilling, but the Yankees 2008 rotation will probably look like this:


You have Pavano under contract through next season, and Humberto Sanchez potentially waiting for a shot. You have Tyler Clippard looking for an opening as well. The latter two pitchers are on minor league deals. How does a $13 million, 41 year old, fatty fit into the Cashman plan? The short answer is, he doesn't. It silly speculation, and a lot of Red Sox Nation paranoia. Curt Schilling will be somewhere in 2008, but it won't be anywhere in the vicinity of New York City.

One COH note. I haven't had much time to put up photos or artwork recently, but I plan to get that all back up and going soon. It takes a little time to put even a simple piece together, which is never usually a problem, but everything I've written lately has been at my desk at work. Sitting here wasting time with text is a bit easier to disguise than a giant, monitor-sized likeness of Curt Schilling eating Tokyo, so you get the idea.....


LathamJoe said...

1001 Reasons why Schilling will never pitch for the Yankees:

1. The days of overpaying for fat, loud-mouthed, washed-up, free agent pitchers are over in NY.

2. There ain't enough cream puffs and donuts baked in New York City to satisfy his puffy pouch.

(Feel free to add........)

singlessss said...

3. When RJ chokes, Arizona will want Schrill back.

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