Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Call Omar Minaya!

So I was in the hospital today, visiting my wife and son, and I got a request for a cool beverage from the lobby vending machine. Like the dutiful husband that I am, I went to the first floor with a pocketful of coins and perused the selection. Coca-Cola. Milk Tea. Milk Coffee. Pocari Sweat. Oolong Tea. Mets Grapefruit Beverage. Fanta. Wait!

Mets Grapefruit Beverage by Kirin. What the *&%*?

I did a double take and found that the green and yellow can before me was not only called "Mets" but the logo for "Mets" is actually similar to the Mets' font. See for yourself. The "M" doesn't have the trademark hook at the end of it among other things, and the "e" is more of a continuous loop. The cross on the "t" is a bit shorter, but the "s" is a dead ringer.

There's got to be some kind of copyright infringement going on here. I'm pretty sure that Omar Minaya and the New York Metropolitans of Flushing, Queens don't have a working arrangement with Kirin, and whats more I'm sure that MLB would have a logo on the can if that were the case. While they're not "exactly" the same, it's kind of an intellectual property case isn't it? If the logo is so similar as to confuse consumers, it's out of bounds. I'm not a lawyer, but I'd be interested to hear the copyright law on something like this. I think the burden of proof is that you must show that consumers have "actually" been confused that the Kirin drink is affiliated with the baseball team. I was.

As you can see I bought the can and brought it home. I just cracked the can and.....tastes like Fresca. Second sip.....yeah, kind of like Fresca. What Mets' player reminds me of Fresca? Off the top of my head.....Paul Lo Duca. Nothing says refreshing grapefruit flavor like adultery. See you tomorrow.


mehmattski said...

I would only use a Mets soda to wash down a Bobby Valentine burger.

singlessss said...

Funny. Why Mets? I can understand "Sox Cranberry", but why Mets?

Mike Plugh said...

mehmettski - great line, almost spit out my coffee.

singlesss - That's what I kept asking myself too. What does the word "Mets" even have to do with grapefruit soda. or anything other than the team in Flushing for that matter. The sound of the word "Mets" doesn't conjure anything up in my head in English or Japanese, so it only goes to figure that someone thought they could draw some false association between the drink and baseball.

Paul™ said...

After one full can of Mets Grapefruit Beverage by Kirin you lose all memory of anything in your life since 1986.

Matchosan said...

Thought the same thing when I saw it for the first time 20 odd years ago. The Japanese like the Mets over the Yankees, wow.

I now only see it in the discount stores and vending machines.

It also comes in grape flavor.

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