Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kings of Spring

It's time, ladies and gentlemen, to kick of yet another season. We've already seen Carl Pavano experience physical problems, George Steinbrenner proclaim victory before the season has started, and Gary Sheffield ranting about his contract.

The Bronx Zoo never quite goes away, regardless of the personnel or era. Canyon of Heroes is here to be the zoo keeper. That is, we're going to try to keep sensible and balanced perspective on the Yankees over the course of another season destined to be full of ups and downs. Yeah right.

I'm sure my balanced perspective is going to get chucked right out the window the first time Randy Johnson gives up 3 homers in a game, or Torre leaves in Tanyon Sturtze too long. My wife can attest to my lack of cool, as can any of my neighbors over the years.

What we're here to do is keep the zoo, but we'll do it by force if need be. If the gorrillas get loose, as they've been known to do from time to time, we're gonna break some bananas getting them back into their cages. So, what does this season have in store for us?

Canyon of Heroes wants to take things one step at a time. Let's just keep the horse before the cart and talk about the spring. Legends Field is already full of enough intrigue to keep us busy for a while. In the coming days, we'll talk about the players to watch and the key position battles that can still be won or lost before the big trip north. If anything dramatic should elephant stampede....we'll be here with the tranq guns and jumbo nets. Have no fear.